looks down in the gathering shadow

by exhausted prayer

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1. Now Grief 06:12
2. The Noble Lie 05:55
3. The Meaninglessness and Futility of Existence
4. Logic of Death 04:51
5. Death of Logic 07:14

Judging from the crudely drawn gorespattered logo on their older releases, I expected EXHAUSTED PRAYER to be nothing more than another brick in the already far too big wall of monotone and boring Brutal Death Metal bands. However, as the first notes of "Now Grief" sent a tingle down my spine with an melodic OPETH-type picked guitar, I was happy to realize that I was very wrong in my assumptions.

The truth is, while these LA-Mmetalheads still maintain a certain degree of brutality, their sound is a lot more encompassing than any Death Metal band in recent memory (sans a few Gothenburgers). Every passage and every riff seems excellently executed, and there isn't a sloppy note in sight. The guitars carries the songs through melodic and high-speed parts, at times reminiscent of EMPEROR, others like AT THE GATES (it's no surprise that they cite these as their main influences). The drums sound great, adapting flawlessly to the many different styles and tempo-changes, but the audibility of the bass suffers a bit from the rather bland production. There are traces of Gothenburg here and there, but it never deteriorates to the dullness many of those bands suffer from.

I can't find a single boring moment on this impressively dynamic album, and slightly weak spots are few and far between. Some songs, like "The Noble Lie" are like brightly burning flames, constantly transforming and taking new shapes, which is actually quite beautiful to listen to. This is certainly not some mindless mistreatment of poor instruments, and I swear I can hear the guitars enjoying themselves at several points. In fact, just stop reading this review and order "Looks Down In The Gathering Shadow" right now. If you like Black or Death metal you'll at the very least enjoy the eminence of EXHAUSTED PRAYER.

(Online November 24, 2007)


released July 1, 2013

mike caffell drums
swansong guitar
chris mccarthy guitar
blake russum bass



Exhausted Prayer Los Angeles, California

Exhausted Prayer formed in Los Angeles in 1997.....

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